Sunday, March 3, 2013

February 25-March 3

My ankle was a factor this week, so I ended up not running as much as planned.

So that was frustrating.  I had hoped for some more consistent running this week but I also wanted to make sure that the ankle is strong for Sulphur.  It ached and ached Monday, so a run was out (it was supposed to be a rest day, but I was also supposed to do a long run on the weekend, so yeah).

Tuesday it was doing better, and I got a interval tempo in before the storm hit.  It went really well, I was a lot faster than the planned speed and felt comfortable and in control the entire time.  I just focused on form and turnover and the rest was easy.  I was never running all out.  Derrick commented that it 'was faster than planned' and I notice I'm supposed to stick to the plan this week coming up :) 

Wednesday the conditions from the slush blizzard were still bad so I didn't run.  Tuesday after the run definitely hurt the ankle, so I wanted to be careful.

Thursday I got a run in with Neb, just an easy run but it was good to get out.

I did strength/core work most days in one form or another.  Friday morning I did some lower body in the morning, among others, and it really set the ankle off.  Friday was a planned rest day but I was going to do a short run, but decided to (again!) bow out to make sure that my ankle was in good shape for Saturday's long run.

Originally I was supposed to race The Yeti 10k snowshoe race on Saturday, but between my ankle and missing my long run the weekend before, I decided not to.  I'll be doing a 5 Peaks race this summer instead, they're letting me switch my registration which is awesome customer service - go 5 Peaks!

Saturday morning I slept in til 8:30, and woke up to Neb outside the bedroom lying there staring at me.  I had 2.5hrs to do, and Mr. Hypoglycemic has never run that long - he's generally up to 40 minutes, but 30 minutes is a good length for him.  Anyways, because I'm a sucker, I decided to take him for part of the run and see how long I could go for - I was running around the house on road so that I'd have stable footing anyways - so we ran nice and slooooow and he did 1:20, which for him is great.  He could've gone longer but it was a logical place to end and I figured finish strong.  I hadn't had breakfast, or taken any nutrition, so I dropped him off and grabbed some Infinit, took some and had the rest in a bottle with me for the road.  Nice to get a better pace going, and both portions of the run had a nice variety of flat and hills, so I felt really positive coming out of the run, and the best part.....MY ANKLE FELT FINE!  MORE OR LESS!  That deserves all caps, awesome.  My left hip (it's my left ankle too) got tight but it worked out as I ran and I'll have to roll it this week though my pathological hatred of rolling has me avoiding that.

Sunday my friend Steph came over and we went out for 30 minutes and then we made brunch.  It was a fun run, we went to High Park and ran through the zoo (Neb was quite taken by the Musk Ox) and up Centre, so that's a nice little hill to get in.  Neb stopped for a bathroom break halfway up the hill (sigh, at least there were garbage bins at the top) so I got to book it to catch up to Steph.  Post-brunch I did a 40 minutes easy spin on the computrainer - great to stretch out the legs and the quads.

This upcoming week should be a good week - some solid running planned, and I am going to avoid lower body strength until at least later in the week to try to let the ankle heal some more.  But I feel very positive going into the week.  And at least even though in the week recapped I didn't get a cardio workout in every day, I did do something each day.  So that's something positive.

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