Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year, Start to 100 Miler Training

For anyone who reads my blog who doesn't know me in real life or on Facebook (which is probably nobody), on November 11th, while running with Neb the over-enthusiastically-pulling trail dawg, I went down while running over some uneven ground at a moment Neb was pulling with all his might.

I'm happy to report my first instinct was to stop my Garmin. 

I had a highly uncomfortable walk off the trails and to a spot where Toby could come pick me up.  We dropped off Neb, and then went to the hospital:

Looks good, right? 

It wasn't broken, but weight bearing was very difficult and painful.  I was scheduled in to see the Fracture Clinic the next morning.  The orthopedic surgeon said that it was too swollen to do a proper exam, but that you don't see swelling like that without a tear.  They sent me home with an Aircast, in addition to the crutches I already had. 

The next day, I booked in to see Andrew, who was great for ultrasound sessions to bring down the swelling and for cool tape jobs:

I saw the orthopedic surgeon two weeks later, and sports medicine doctors.  Partial tears, which means no surgery (yay).  I was still in the Aircast, but off crutches.  I stayed in the air cast another week and then moved to a sports brace - the Aircast shortened my achilles and it was more and more uncomfortable.  Even now, at the start of 2014, after stretching and rehab, my achilles is still sore.  But much improved. 

I rode a wee little bit, but not much. 

On December 24th, I got approved to run inside.  I went for a 5k run on the treadmill - 30:23.  Not setting any speed records but soooo nice.  I joined a gym so that I have a treadmill to run on through the winter, as me and Andrew agree no trails until the snow and ice are gone, and sidewalks are icy right now in any event. 

I haven't run every day, but it's getting better.  I'm icing post-runs, as otherwise the ankle gets a bit stiff.  I do exercises for the ankle every other day. 

Today - January 1st - I started official Haliburton 100 miler training - with an 8k tempo run in 44:04.  It's not fast - treadmill running is easy - but I wasn't running much after Haliburton, and then the ankle.  So I'll get there.  I'm not sure what I'll do for long runs - I may have to do shorter runs followed by bike rides.  We'll see how the ankle holds up.  It felt great today. 

So, frustrating, but this will get better.  I never thought I'd enjoy running on the treadmill, but to run at all again is so delightful I'm coping.  Treadmill running is better than no running at all! 

Now to lose the weight I gained and build back up my run fitness and ankle strength so I can do long runs - I have the fitness to do them slow, just not sure if the ankle is yet there.