Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Temagami Camping Weekend

Another non-running post.  I'm feeling meh about running lately, but very motivated about hiking/backpacking/camping again.

This was Toby and I's first camping trip of the year.  Despite working at MEC, he will only car camp (on a queen-sized air mattress).  But, he works in cycling, and they're all big bike snobs (I kid!  They're not snobs at all!  But they're big bike dweebs...total dweebs).

I had fun on Instagram with the #mecstaffer hashtag though.

Anywho.  We were camping Friday-Monday.  We were going to leave early Friday to get ahead of the long weekend traffic, but Toby got asked to a conference call for his other job, at 10, so we didn't actually leave Toronto until 11:30.  We hit the worst of the long weekend traffic.  It took us close to 2 hours to get through Barrie, though we did stop to get some lunch, quickly...quick lunch.  So even still.  Barrie should take 45-60 minutes!  Once we got north of Barrie traffic cleared, but still, it took over 6 hrs to get to Temagami, our camping destination being Finlayson Point, where I've stayed a few times before for trips and other hiking stuff.

The forecast weekend was sporadic rain and thundershowers, not so much!

We set up camp:

In all their glory you see our Big Agnes Big House 6 tent that we got from MEC (before Toby worked there!  I love Big Agnes and didn't want some crappy Coleman car camping tent...this fits our queen sized air mattress AND you can stand in it.  Toby doesn't like camping in my UL backpacking gear).  Also the MEC Hootenay Screenhouse which we got as a wedding shower present (along with a MEC double sleeping bag so we can cuddle at night....awww).

It wasn't buggy, but it did rain - a LOT - and while we had our crappy tire tarp to sit under, it was nice to have a dry area to cook in.  Though rain did get in through the screens a bit, the middle stayed dry, much to my shock.  I was very impressed.  Be sure to stake it out properly, we didn't at first as the campsite was a lot of gravel and that's a pain, but when the wind started to move it we decided it was worth the effort.

Friday night we managed to have a campfire, despite bits of rain and thundershowers - and man, the wood at Finlayson Point is so much better than most Ontario Parks wood - it's actually dry!  Lighting fires has never been easier.  We had a lot of fires over the weekend.

Saturday we slept until about 9, had a quick breakfast, then headed out along Roosevelt Road to Friday Lake and the Ottawa Temiskaming Highland Trail.  After nearly bottoming out the car on the way there (one loud bang - we actually stopped to make sure all the fluids were not coming out the bottom of the car), we finally arrived!

It was as advertised.  I've day hiked a few sections of the OTHT before, and know it's rugged, but this was the most overgrown I'd seen it:

If you look closely you can see Toby.  You could see the footpath, if you looked down, and this truly was the trail - we weren't off trail, I swear - it was just really overgrown.

Eventually it got better:

We did a bit of climbing but didn't go as far as planned as Luc the dog really showed his age this weekend.  :(

In the end it was just a 6k out and back...this is a dog that has done continuous 60k hike and done the La Cloche Silhouette Trail in Killarney in 2 days!  But he was younger then, and we think his laryngeal paralysis has gotten worse.

We found a nice place on Friday Lake to stop for a snack and water:

We got back to our car, headed out, and got into camp just before it started to rain and thunder.  So, it ended up being perfect timing.

Eventually the storms cleared and we took the dogs for a walk to the dog beach, where I made Neb swim in Lake Temagami.  Between that and being wet and cold from the rain, despite it being August, he developed a mild case of limp tail/cold water tail that didn't resolve until the Monday.  Weird to see him with his tail down.  He really is the worst husky ever.

It stormed off and on but I got a swim in at the beach across from out campsite:

I missed the campsites at Haliburton Forest where you have your own private beach.  Still, this was nice, and close by, one reason why I chose it.

Checked the weather forecast for Sunday - the 5-10mm of rain had changed to 20-30mm and I'd say it was at least 30mm - it rained pretty hard ALL day long until the late afternoon.

This is where I have something bad to admit.  While I packed my Marmot Precip jacket, I did not pack the pants, because I am an idiot.  The jacket is too big for me, deliberately, as I take it as a shell winter camping and need it to fit over my michelin man down jacket, so it hangs down quite far.  With my shortest pair of shorts, I was covered, but I was cold and wanted PANTS dammit.  I had pants, but who wants wet pants?  Neither one of us was super enthused to hike (I'll admit it) and I wanted to visit the Highway Book Shop, in Cobalt, which is a staple of my visits to the region.  But clearly I haven't been up in a while since we got up there only to discover it was CLOSED!  Since 2011!  Damn!

Anyways we headed off to the Temagami LCBO and grocery store and in search of some rain pants for me.  No rain pants to be found in Temagami, and the grocery store was closed (ummm....what?) but we hit the LCBO.  Toby was pshawing my vegan pasta option and wanted a steak, so we ended up near Marten River at the little grocery store/general store/LCBO there where he got a steak and I got rain pants, the crappy kind with suspenders that I tore within an hour.  Of course, by then it had warmed up.  Eventually it stopped raining, so we pulled out the wood and started a fire:

We had a lot of great nights around the fire this trip, and cooked over it all but one night when we had risotto (with red wine...we're not savages).

Slept in a bit Monday, but got up and ate and broke camp relatively quickly, though of course since it had rained overnight everything was wet.  Then we headed to the Temagami Fire Tower and White Bear Forest trails for a quick hike.

We hiked the White Bear Trail, named after one of the local Teme-Augama Anishnaabe who helped preserve the area from 'development'.  There was some old growth pines on this trail which I was excited to check out:

It was a lovely if short hike (from the parking lot about 3k, the trail itself is shorter).  But, Luc was really panting, probably due to the laryngeal paralysis.  Toby was ahead of me and Luc was behind me and Toby could hear him.  We stopped every km to give him water, which is CRAZY.  It wasn't particularly hot at that time of the morning.  Poor guy.

We also found a lump on his jaw this weekend.  But he goes in for his annual on Friday so we'll have it looked at then.

After a lunch in Temagami, we headed down the road, and despite the holiday Monday traffic, made it home in 5 hours!  Much better.  Still slower than normal, but much better.  I blame Barrie.  When in doubt, blame Barrie.

That's the trip.  Next up is a girl's easy backpacking trip to Killarney, where I'm bringing Neb and hoping to bring Luc if it's not too hot.  We'll see.  I think Steph will be okay with us stopping to rest Luc, she has a dog herself and gets it.

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